Portia Monique – Ain’t Scared of You (Opolopo Remix)

portia monique

Portia Monique is a soulful, American songstress on the rise and “Ain’t Scared of You” is the latest single from her self titled debut album released late last year. The track, originally produced by Oli Lazarus and Toni Economides, was recently remixed by the Swedish super producer Opolopo. I always take notice when I see Opolopo’s name on the credits and with this one I certainly wasn’t disappointed. While the original version is more funk driven, Opolopo laces the song with a delicious, deep house flavor which perfectly compliments Portia’s soulful vocals.


Luka ft Alison Crockett – Love Glow EP


Luka aka Anthony Kasirivu is a South African producer who started the record label We.Go.Deep in 2012 as an outlet for his own deep house productions. Now he’s releasing a three track EP which consists of different versions of the song “Love Glow” which features vocalist Alison Crockett.

Besides the original there is two remixes on the release. One is by Swedish producer Opoloppo and the other is by P60 who I don’t know much about. Though I’m a fan of Opolopo, I think the P60 – remix is the superior track. For me it also tops the original. Grab a listen to the snippets below and see what you think.

6 Soulful Remixes

The art of remixing has never been healthier. Remixes of all kinds are constantly popping up all over the internet, thanks to both established producers and bedroom beat makers. Granted, there is a lot of junk out there and the constant remixing can at times get a little tiring, but for the patient digger there’s lots of good stuff waiting to be discovered. Here’s a few favorites that I’m bumping at the moment. Enjoy!

Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Opolopo Remix)
Swedish producer, Opolopo, did a great job with his remix of this Gregory Porter song. Porter is a Grammy Award-nominated jazz singer who records for Blue Note Records. The original version of “1960 What” is also pretty dope, but Opolopo, whose previous remix work includes songs by Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and Erykah Badu, really kills it with this version.

Grandmaster Flash – “The Message” (Mr Bird Remix)
A while back, Portugese producer, Mr. Bird, put an interesting spin on this aging hip hop classic. I think the mixing on the track could have been a bit better, but it’s still pretty interesting to hear the synth heavy original turned into lighthearted, danceable disco-funk.

Janet Jacksons – If (Kaytranada Edition)
One of the most talented young dudes in the remix game at the moment is undoubtedly Kaytranada from Montreal, Canada. Several of his bootleg remixes have practically become modern classics already. His remix of Janet Jackson’s “If” is one of my favorites.  Also worth mentioning, however, are his remixes of songs by Amerie, Jill Scot and  TLC.

IAmNobody – Jodeci Freestyle II
R&B from the 90’s seems to be a particular favorite among remixers at the moment. So it makes sense that Jodeci, one of the leading male RnB groups from the period, should also get the treatment. The source of this “freestyle” is “Freek’N You”, one of Jodeci’s biggest singles, released in 1995. Hudson Mohawke also did a version of this track, but in my opinion this one by rising producer IAmNobody is the superior track.

Mr Carmack – Gladys Knight – Grapevine (Mr. Carmack Remix)

Hawaii-based producer, Mr Carmack, is an exciting up and coming artist worth keeping your eyes on. This wicked flip of Gladys Knight’s version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” perfectly illustrates why.

Donny Hathaway -The Ghetto (Dmitri From Paris Remix)
It takes courage to mess with the classics. But experienced House music veteran, Dimitri From Paris, does an admirable job of bringing a bit of house flavor to Donny Hathaway’s 70’s Soul masterpiece “The Ghetto”.

Omar – “Treat You” ft Caron Wheeler (Opolopo Remix)

Earlier this year veteran British Soul singer, Omar, made an impressive comeback to music with his seventh studio album “The Man”. Since then, several excellent remixes of album cuts have emerged. This new exclusive remix of “Treat You” by Swedish DJ/producer, Opolopo, is no exception.

Opolopo infuses the song, which features Caron Wheeler, former vocalist of Soul II Soul, with a subtle, but soulful house vibe and the result is quite irresistible. Opolopo, who has released music on labels such as Tokyo Dawn Records, Z Records and many more, once again demonstrates his golden touch when it comes to remixing which was also displayed a few years back with his excellent remix of Jazz vocalist Gregory Porter’s “1960”.