Bilal – Sirens II


Bilal Oliver has had quite the uneven career. In 2001 the singer garnered widespread acclaim for his debut album ,”1st Born Second” which was seen as part of the then popular Neo Soul movement. While widely lauded for his wide vocal range and impressive live performances almost ten years passed without a proper album release before 2010 saw him return with the experimental “Airtight´s Revenge”.” A Love Surreal” followed in 2012.

Now Bilal is back with “Sirens II” – a song produced by LA-based producer Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad formerly of A Tribe Called Quest. It’s a rework of Adrian Younge’s song “Sirens” – a song that was also sampled by Jay-Z on “Picasso Baby” in 2013. Bilal is scheduled to release a full length LP in February 2015 produced entirely by Younge and judging by “Sirens II” things look promising.