Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Pretty Thoughts (FKJ Remix)


Last year Danish producer Galimatias and American singer Alina Baraz released the EP “Urban Flora”. Now, one of the songs off the album,“Pretty Thoughts”, has been remixed by French producer FKJ. As with most of his output, FKJ keeps things very smooth and soulful. Take a listen below and see which version you prefer.


Λ.J – Different Ways/Her Smile


Two great new tracks from the young Dutch producer. Still don’t have too much info on this guy, but he’s definitely on to watch. The first one is even a free download, so no excuse not to grab it.

‪Mo Kolours – Mike Black‬


Mo Kolours is an exciting new artist that just recently came to my attention. He has released a few EPs and is getting ready to release his debut album in March.

Kolours, who plays percussion, sings and produces, is half English and half Mauritian and his music is influenced by people like Nina Simone, Lee Perry and Jimi Hendrix.  Interestingly, he also incorporates Sega music from Mauritania, all of which makes for an interesting musical cocktail indeed. So far, he has released a trilogy of EP’s on the  British label One-Handed Music, which mixed dub, soul, hip hop, electronica and Sega music among other things.

Driven by Mo’s percussion and some nice atmospheric synths “Mike Black” is an original and soulful little gem and a great appetizer for what’s coming in March. Check out the song below and view the trailer for the coming album as well.

Noo Bap – クラウド移動

Up and coming Montreal-producer, Noo Bap, is one of many interesting artists coming out of Canada these years. Apart from where he’s from, however, he doesn’t give out much information about himself. Instead he prefers to let the music do the talking. Which is cool seeing as some of it is pretty solid. Such is the case with this mellow, clubby track which has a funky synth bass line, some nice rhodes and chopped vocals making a good pick for djs looking to build momentum early in the evening. Grab it for free here or drop by his Soundcloud to check out more Noo Bap.