Labels To Watch: First Word Records

first word records

The British label First Word Records was founded in 2003 and since then they’ve been making some interesting moves, steadily adding talented acts to their roster. Founded by Aly Gillani and DJ Andy H, the label released their first compilation, “Two Syllables”, in 2004 and since then a new one has been released every year. These compilations do a good job of showcasing where the label is at musically at the moment and are well worth checking out.

First Word releases cover a wide range of genres and styles, from afrobeat to instrumental hip hop, but according to the founders the common thread is the soulfulness of all their acts. I tend to agree and below is a sample of some of my favorite music on the label.


Tall Black Guy                                                                       

Tall Black Guy, whose real name is Terrel Wallace, is a talented, versatile and very prolific producer from Detroit, Michigan. Throughout the years he has been developing a signature sound which often involves very clever and original sample flips. The man simply has an amazing talent for flipping even the most well-worn samples in new and interesting ways. His work spans hip hop, soul and R&B and he also does a lot of remix work. Definitely one to watch!


Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra
This group from Leeds, England with the wicked name is equally inspired by Fela Kuti’s afrobeat, space jazz from the 1970’s and free jazz from the 1960´s. It’s a combination that makes for some very interesting music and they’ve explored their unique sound on two full length releases so far.


Souleance is a French production duo formed in 2006.  They are DJ Soulist, who runs the “What The Funk”-nightclub in Paris, and Fulgeance who is a hip hop producer and remixer. They released their first full length in 2012 and have also released smaller projects. I’m not a massive fan of their music but they have very eclectic tastes and now and then they succeed in combining their influences in an interesting fashion. Among other things, they’ve explored hip hop, jazz, funk and Turkish music. They also recently journeyed into Brazilian music with some pretty satisfying results.


Riot Jazz Brass Band
This horn-heavy outfit from Manchester, England is clearly influenced by contemporary brass-fusion bands like the Hot 8 Brass Band and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, but they’ve also succeeded in carving out their own sound.  In the long run, all the horniness can get a bit too much for my tastes, but they certainly have their moments. I’m also told that they’re live shows are quite a sight to behold.







oriJanus – Hot Remix


Here’s another interesting new release from Soulection Records. The young producer oriJanus from Bakersfield, California has done a remix of “Hot Music” – the classic track released by Soho in 1989. The man behind the original was Pal Joey – a New York house music pioneer who also released a version in 1994 under his own name.

OriJanus does a very nice job of updating the track by applying some tasteful chopping and adding booming 808s and stuttering hi-hats.This is a free release and part of Soulection’s digital White Label Series. Check out both versions of the track below.