Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)


If you’re a vinyl head you should consider investing in the reissue of this gorgeous remix of one of my all time favorite soul songs: “Woman of the ghetto” by Marlena Shaw. It’s by Azerbaijani musician and producer Akshin Alizadeh who releases music on the Los Angeles-based Cold Busted label. You can also grab the digital version from Alizadeh’s soundcloud below.

Grumby – Yoshi’s Penthouse


Brooklyn-based production duo GRUMBY have been gathering steam lately and their latest offering “Yoshi’s Penthouse” just might be their best effort yet. Starting off as a weird slow jam with lush chords and steel drum percussion, the beat switches up and introduces a chopped up vocal sample and a synth that sounds like something out of a video game. Pretty weird and very enjoyable.

Mura Masa – Lotus Eater/Girl


18 year old producer,  songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa is making some serious musical moves at the moment. He has a fifteen track mixtape called “Soundtrack to a Death” dropping November 17 and in anticipation of that he just dropped these two wicked tracks onto his Soundcloud. MM’s music mixes traditional vinyl beatmaking with a more electronic approach to great effect.  This kid is definitely going places and I can’t wait for the project to drop.