Charles Bradley Performs “You Put The Flame on It” On Jimmy Kimmel


P-Funk Interview 1991

Here’s some really interesting footage I came across thanks to FunkyKev1 who has a cool channel on Youtube. It’s a BET talk show interview with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell. These three musical giants were some of the central architects of funk music in the 1970´s with the groups Parliament and Funkadelic. Here they discuss some interesting subjects including the meaning of the term “funk”, making music with a message and how they feel about being sampled by contemporary hip hop artists.

The interview is from 1991 which was a time when the trend of sampling their particular brand of funk, P-Funk, had been going on for a few years by hip hop groups like EPMD and Digital Underground. However, it was really  about to take off in the next few years with artists like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg riding the P-Funk sound to the top of the charts and taking it deep into the mainstream.

It’s a really cool interview that sheds some light on some of the problematic aspects of sampling with record companies often refusing to compensate the artists who have been sampled. But there’s also interesting stuff about Parliament’s roots in doo- wop and their thoughts on black rock. History-minded funkateers shouldn’t miss this one.


The Precious Lo’s – Fly Away (Tyler Smith Remix)


Circle Research is a seasoned DJ and production duo from Toronto who have over 40 releases in their discography. They also record under the name The Precious Lo´s which is music heavily inspired by 80s funk and soul.

The Precious Lo´s have just released a remix EP of earlier tracks which has contributions from different producers. The stand out track for me is the remix of “Fly Away” by the Seattle-based producer Tyler Smith. As this track shows sometimes a little synth, some liquid bass and an infectious hook is all you need to make it all come together.

Oh Rare – Red Lagoon


Grande Ville Records is a label based in Paris, France. They dabble in a number of different genres including hip hop, funk and electronica. One of their artists is Oh Rare who I don’t know much about, but his recently released track “Red Lagoon” caught my ear. It’s an intricate piece of electronica with manipulated vocal samples and some nice drum programming among other things. Look forward to hearing more from him in the future.


Tryezz -Sitting Back Sidewayz


Tryezz is a funk producer from Chattanooga, Tennessee who has a number of releases under his belt. He recently dropped his latest project “Skylines” which he hopes will become the soundtrack to your summer. I’d say the synth-heavy, 80s inspired funk workout “Sitting Back Sidewayz” has a pretty good shot at making in on to my personal summer playlist. Have a listen and see if you agree.