French Kiwi Juice – Instant Need

French Kiwi Juice is a damn funky name for a damn funky guy. He first made waves about a year ago with his excellent debut EP “The Twins” and last month he dropped his second EP “Time For A Change”. Information on this young producer from Paris is hard to find, but his unique brand of sample heavy, electronic funk places him nicely alongside fellow French funkateers like Onra and early Daft Punk.

FKJ, however, has a style all his own. His firm grasp of styles like funk, house, soul, hip hop and nu disco allows him to make superbly funky uptempo tracks aimed straight at the dance floor as well as slower, more soulfully seductive grooves. If your into the so called French Touch you should keep your eyes on this guy. A personal favorite from the new EP is “Instant Need” with it’s chopped vocals and summery vibes. Check out the rest of the EP on his Soundcloud.


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