Georgia Ann Muldrow – MS.ONE SUM 79 SHH


Sometimes it feels as though hip hop has forsaken The Funk. You certainly can’t put that on Georgia Ann Muldrow. The singer, instrumentalist and producer masters many musical styles, but she consistently churns out jams grounded in the musical culture that once supplied hip hop with much of its sound and a good part of its spirit.

Music runs deep in the Muldrow family. Besides being the daughter of soul jazz guitarist Ronald Muldrow she is married to Dudley Perkins, the rapper and singer who also doubles as her musical soul mate. Besides being a musical team they also run the record label, SomeOthaship Connect, which releases quality music across a broad spectrum of styles.

This time Muldrow brings some serious heat. The oddly titled “MS.ONE SUM 79 SHH” is a wickedly funky instrumental with bright piano stabs, elastic bass, brutal hand claps and razor sharp synths. Muldrow once again proves she is a force to reckoned with letting loose some serious, whiplash-inducing FONK. And it’s free, so start downloading.




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